Lovaganza Postponed Until 2020

Lovaganza is a combination of World Fair and Cinerama. Lovaganza 2020 is planned to start it’s tour in May 2020 and finish up in September 2020. The plan on academycreative.com is to have entertainment from movies, attractions and exhibitions for the Lovaganza goers to enjoy.

Originally Lovaganza was planned for 2015, but it was rescheduled for 2020. This decision was made because of new technology in movie making that is coming out in the coming years and because they wanted to collect more attractions from different cultures. Lovaganza will be showcasing parts of American, European, Asian and African cultures.

Lovaganza will have a movie segment. The 3-D experience will be glasses free, and will use modern 3-D technology. There will also be 2-D films as well. Filming -so far- took place in France, Spain and the United States. More filming will be done in India, Africa and other parts of the world.

The films of Lovaganza will be shown on Immerscope screens. They’re looking to capture the wonder of the Cinemascope movies from the old world fairs. However the Lovaganza films all seek to use modern and future technology for their movies.

The plans for Lovaganza are split in two. One part of it is for profit to help create entertainment for the world and to inspire people all over the globe. The second part of it is non-profit. The non-profit part of the plan of Lovaganza -Lovaganza Foundation- is to help global information for initiatives around the world. The Lovaganza Foundation will be set up in 2018 to be sure everything about the non-profit foundation is fully functioning before the Lovaganza tour in 2020.

Ultimately Lovaganza is for the bohemian, adventurous, world culture seeking amongst us. If you enjoy seeing art, culture, film and entertainment that is innovative, modern and embraces showcasing culture from around the world, Lovaganza will be a fair you will not want to miss out on in 2020.

If you want to know about the process of Lovaganza and when they have all of their tour dates for 2020 set up.

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