Woke Twitter And Brenda Wardle Call Out Racism In Social Media

Woke Twitter is a contemporary organization dedicated to raising consciousness regarding the ongoing reality of white supremacy in today’s world. The members of the organization reject cultural narratives which promote the idea that racism is a thing of the past and everyone is now treated with equality and respect. To prove that this narrative is false on its face, the members of the group unveil racism as it manifests in spheres such as social media. Recently, the racist statements of former real estate worker Penny Sparrow began making waves in the social media world. Read on to learn more about Sparrow’s race-based suppositions and how they impacted her life as well as discourse regarding racism in the 21st century:

What Did Penny Sparrow Say?

Many people of all colors are used to hearing racist statements made against people of color. From insinuations about intellectual inferiority to blatant accusations regarding criminality and/or a poor work ethic, the demeaning ideas spread about black and brown individuals are prevalent in today’s world. Nevertheless, Penny Sparrow’s racist statement stands out as uniquely shocking. In commenting on the black South Africans she observed at the beach near her residence, Sparrow equated the people to monkeys and apes. Public rage ensued as many people called Sparrow out as a racist whose damaging comments were not welcome via social media or anywhere else. In light of all the negative publicity that Sparrow received, she lost her position with the real estate company through which she had been employed up until that point.

Brenda Wardle Weighs In

Many public figures responded to Penny Sparrow’s racist statement, including Brenda Wardle. As an avid legal analyst, Sparrow loves studying the law and examining what it says about the constraints and liberties that people have as social citizens. In analyzing the Penny Sparrow situation, Wardle acknowledges the role the constitution plays in granting citizens the right to speak freely. At the same time, however, Wardle noted that there are limitations around what people are free to say. Specifically, people are not free to make statements which deny the humanity of other individuals. And because Sparrow’s equating blacks to monkeys constitutes this very denial, Wardle deems her racist statement an illegal one.

More On Wardle

As an individual who is deeply committed to studying the world of law and analyzing social life in light of its edicts, Wardle is passionate about pursuing her degree in the field and is currently completing her studies. She is also the author of the telling, compelling text To Kill A Fragile Rose: The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius.


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Zika virus and the agony it is causing to pregnant women of Brazil

Aede aegypti commonly referred to as the yellow fever mosquito is a type of mosquito that has been known to spread various types of diseases which include dengue fever, yellow fever virus, chikungunya and recently the zika fever. The mosquito which originated from Africa has spread all over the world and can now is found in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

According to scientists and research experts, they believe that the symptoms of all these diseases are very similar to each other. The most common according to one Dr. Sergio Cortes is that the person suffers from body aches, high fever, muscle aches, red eyes, and red spots on the infected person’s skin.

And although most of the symptoms that the yellow fever mosquito causes are similar, it is very critical to point out some of the ways that these diseases caused by the same mosquito can be differentiated. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, the only difference that stands out in Dengue fever as compared to another disease caused by this mosquito is muscle ache and pain behind the infected person’s eyes.

The only notable differences between the symptoms of chikungunya and zika viruses according to National Public Radio from the Epidemiological Surveillance Itapetininga in Sao Paulo Brazil is that Zika virus symptoms are red eyes and a lot of itching in the cups while chikungunya the Infected persons suffer from intense joint pains.

And although the first cases of Zika virus were reported in Brazil in May 2015, the Brazilian government has more than a million cases. Microcephaly a disease that both Brazil and international doctors believe is linked to the deadly Zika virus has been reported especially among pregnant women. These women give birth to babies that have defects.

It is to this effect that the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention has given a sound warning to any pregnant women to shun from travelling to any countries where the microcephaly has been reported and is prevalent including countries such as Brazil.

To understand the situation in Brazil, the country has put down a research fund to find a vaccine for the deadly zika virus. The government has sent out its army in cities that are known to have the worst cases of the virus to provide the needed manpower to eliminate the Aede aegypti mosquito that is known to carry the virus. The Brazilian government is also using drones to help them in tracking down any standing waters that these mosquitoes can breed.

The birth defects caused by these viruses are so severe on the facts that according to a neonatal pediatrician Dr. Nivea Arraes who is currently under the direct care of infants suffering from the disease. He has the belief that some of them might ever be able to talk or even walk. They can also become deaf and blind. She thinks that the biggest challenge for these infants will be how to rehabilitate them since they require a lot of attention, constant care and some might never be able to live an independent life.

Hague and Real Estate Mavericks

Greg Hague is a very busy and successful man. His many roles include being an entrepreneur, attorney, law professor, author and business partner. But it doesn’t end there. He also occasionally gives his wise and learned advice to the real estate section of leading magazines and newspapers. All of this is a lot and comes as the herculean works of one man. However, it all pales in comparison to his real role. His biggest role comes as a 35-year veteran of the residential real estate industry. He has proven himself such a master at the real estate game that today he owns several real estate companies and is a coveted speaker at real estate conferences all over the world.

Greg Hague is on a crusade to revolutionize the real estate industry. His goal is to do away with the antiquated and traditional real estate methods of the real estate business. For a very long time, these old methods worked. In fact, they made the real estate business the surest avenue for a salesman finding success. This is no longer the case—and becoming increasingly becoming less so. They decline of its effectiveness was especially hastened after the financial crisis of 2008. However, in the face of the financial rebound of the economy, an entirely new set of procedures are required.

Many of the nation’s top real estate companies are beginning to recognize that the entire system does indeed need a massive re-haul. This is why many of these top companies are now bringing in real estate coaches. One of the best of these is Hague. Hague wants to mimic the more modern and successful advertisement and sales methods of the likes of Apple and Amazon. To this end, his developed 22-Step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan start things out by building excitement and demand. This phase is designed to encourage prospective buyers to buy a home as soon as it as listed and at a higher price.

This is followed by the pre-launch sequence which is designed to build anticipation in prospective home buyers. During this phase, the real estate agent will send prospective buyers information about soon-coming great, new houses and urge them to buy as soon as possible. These customers will also be given private showings of new houses and urged to buy before it becomes unavailable. These buy-as-soon-as-possible techniques will also serve to have the customer pay the highest asking price. You will find Hague heading Real Estate Mavericks, a prime example of a real estate company enormously succeeding at these methods.

Sometimes these methods aren’t exactly a great fit for an individual company. Hague realizes that. He will help tailor-make it to fashion every business for real estate success. He will teach real estate employers and employees how to think outside the box as far as advertising and sales methods. In any case, Hague and Real Estate Mavericks are dedicating to changing the entire scene of the real estate world one business at a time.

Stephen Murray: Why Choose CCMP Capital For Private Equity Investment

Are you trying to find a well established private equity firm with a solid track record? Wondering why many people and businesses consider CCMP Capital as one of the most reliable companies for investment purposes? If you don’t know where to look, trying to find a reputable private equity firm on blogs.wsj.com can be a daunting and confusing task.

Some people turn to friends or relatives when seeking investment company referrals or advice, but it is not the best way to approach this matter. If your portfolio fails, so can your relationship. It is advisable to consult a renowned investment firm, such as CCMP Capital, for proper guidance. CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm which focuses on buyout and growth equity transactions.

There are many investment companies and professionals out there giving out advice and providing services related to money management and investments, but before you make a choice do your home work. A firm may have impressive offices and many years of experience, but if the staff leaves you scratching your head, you need to eliminate them and look for a company that is well known for providing top notch service. Take the time to assess the various firms and their services and then decide on the most suitable one for your needs.

Use a checklist of qualifiers to compare companies that are offering private equity investment services. Ask each company you consider for credentials, accreditations, the firm’s history, references, philosophy and track record. If you want an equity investment firm that provides a variety of products or services, ask also about each company’s range of services.

Whether you are a beginner in the investment arena or you have a good understanding of how things work in the investment field, look for a company that has an established history of rendering top quality and satisfactory service. Many people have relied on the expert services of CCMP Capital for many years and are delighted with the services they have received. CCMP Capital employs some of the best financial services professionals in the industry. Their professionals are knowledgeable and experienced, and they are highly dedicated to providing outstanding services to clients.

Steve Murray on pehub was the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. Although Stephen was well versed in various areas of the investment field, Steve Murray specialized in private equity investment and is regarded as one of the best in the field. Mr. Steve Murray focused greatly on providing excellent services and believed strongly in honesty, integrity and transparency in dealing with his clients. Stephen Murray was a founding partner of CCMP. He died on March 12, at age 52.

A Better Alternative to Unlimited Data Plans?

Unlimited data plans have become a thing of the past – until recently. An article posted on PostBulletin.com discusses the return of an unlimited data plan to AT&T. AT&T has not offered unlimited data to new customers since 2010. With this new plan, a customer with one phone on the plan can enjoy unlimited data for $110 the first year. A family of two would shell out $150 a month. The unlimited data plan, as the article discusses, may be worthwhile for families who eat up several gigabytes of data a month, but sticking to the limited data plans would be more affordable for families who don’t use quite as much.

Both unlimited and limited data plans can become expensive and burdensome for customers. Another option for phone users has sprung up over recent years. This option, as opposed to more conventional carriers, offers free data, text, and voice services. With the ever-increasing costs of cellphone plans, this new carrier is becoming more and more attractive. This carrier is called FreedomPop. FreedomPop offers 500mb of free data, 500 free texts, and 200 free voice minutes a month. This could save customers hundreds of dollars a month, and even upwards of $1000 a year.

FreedomPop sells several devices that are compatible with its services, including the iPhone 5S, LG Nexus 5, and the Samsung Galaxy SIII, among many others. The company also supports tablets, such as the iPad Mini and Samsung Tab III. For customers who love their current phones, FreedomPop also has a “Bring Your Own Device” option, where customers can activate their current devices for FreedomPop’s services.

Due to the restrictiveness of contracts, changing carriers, plans, or even phones can be a hassle. FreedomPop customers need not experience such confinement. The carrier has no contracts, so customers can cancel anytime without any commitment. With the flexibility and affordability of FreedomPop’s services, more mainstream carriers may have to offer deals that are more attractive than current unlimited data plans. Could this be the future of cellphone carriers? As FreedomPop continues to expand, this could certainly be the case.

Million Dollar Sales All Over New York

New York Real Estates were making a lot of sales. In fact there have been way more than 20 sales of more than $30 million with the top 10 sales being more than $45 million. Among the pieces of property that were sold were co-ops, townhouses, luxury condos and plenty of other pieces of property that were high in value. There has been a rise in sales and as a result a rise in prices by TOWN in New York Real Estate. This can be attributed to the services provided by the real estate agents. There are some of really skilled real estate agents that are great at marketing the higher priced luxury properties.

One of the real estate agents that are worth checking out is Town Residential. This agency is one of the best in the industry. They not only refer people to the pieces of property that are best suited to them. They also offer tools on their website that help people find what they are looking for. They have listings that are always up to date so that the client does not have to worry about finding a listing that is expired. The company is filled with people that are very passionate about providing great services to their clients.

One service that is very helpful to clients is their relocation services for commercial property. In the case that a company wants to make a move, then Town Residential agents will gladly help out with the relocation services. They will appoint their clients with relocation specialists that have been selected carefully based on factors such as their experience and their expertise that is specific to the client that they help. One type of relocation service that is very helpful is the previewing of homes or other piece of property for their client. It is important for their client to get a feel for the new space that they are going to be occupying.

The extra services that real estate agents are offering are part of what is causing the sales to rise. They have made some record breaking sales for high floors of the city. One example of a sale is the $100.47 million sale for the 89th and 90th floors in a huge building which is known as the brash blue tower. This is quite an impressive feat for the New York Real Estate industry. The hard work of New York Real Estate agents is sure paying off these days.

Doe Deere, Fashion Rule Breaker

With the help of Doe Deere we learn that it is okay to break the rules of fashion and makeup. To those who are not familiar with the name Doe Deere. She is the founder of Lime Crime, a popular cosmetic line. The entrepreneur was born in Russia but relocated to the United States in her younger years. She grew up in New York City but now she currently resides in Los Angeles.

Doe Deere’s persona and make-up line can be seen as being unusual. Perhaps it’s her quirkiness that has caused many fans and customers to flock to her. With the help of Doe Deere they too are able to reveal their own identity. She even calls her followers unicorns to reveal that they are one of a kind like she is.

Doe Deere’s strive to start her own cosmetic line and to remain true to herself has allowed many to respect what she has to say when it comes to fashion. Deere has enjoyed fashion since she was child. Having such a connection with fashion since her younger years, has allowed her to make various claims in a recent blog posting about fashion and beauty.

Unlike various publications, Doe does not make fashion or makeup rules to abide by. She actually encourages people to break the rules. Though she is an advocate for breaking the rules she does however makes known that sometimes rules a good to have if you are new to applying makeup or if you are uncertain about certain fashions.

Magazines and other publications have a hundreds of rules that one can be broken in order to stand out. In the blog post, Doe reveals a few rules that often hold people back from expressing themselves. The first rule she recommends breaking involves eye and lip make-up. For a long time it has been a make-up sin to wear a bold eye with a bold lip. A number of magazines have been against this combination because it is recommended to only have only one bold area on the face. Doe, says that she often breaks this rule often with no regrets.

A second rule that she urges people to break is the rule that only a certain number of colors can be worn at once. Doe makes known that a large array of colors can be a beautiful thing and that people should express themselves as much as they want with as many colors they want. She discloses that her secret to making a range of colors work is coordination. Making sure that the multiple shades of a color coordinate with one another is a great way to pull off a multi-color outfit.

Previously, we have been taught that multiple patterns should not be worn together because they will clash. Doe has a different view point. She thinks that patterns are interesting and the more you wear the more fun your outfit will be.

Doe Deere is not just an entrepreneur but a face of a movement. This movement is telling people that it is okay to be different and yourself.

Manhattan vacancy rates rise again

Apartment vacancies are increasing in Manhattan and many find this to be a harbinger that prices will begin to decline for apartments that are currently at record highs. The average apartment is currently at $3,300 which is an 4 percent increase from the prior year. The vacancy rate in Manhattan is approaching 3% and is a 1/2 percent higher than the prior year and at the highest rate since 2006 which was right before the economic recession. This doesn’t bode well for the short term real estate market that we are faced with in the coming years.

Many market practitioners including the real estate experts at Town Residential believe that the increased vacancy rate is a sign that prices will decline mostly due to the long run up in apartment prices. Town Residential Real Estate should know, as they have a long history serving the New York City market. They and other real estate experts believe that the economy hasn’t recovered enough to justify the record increase in real estate rates and that a downturn in prices is healthy for the long term stability of the real estate market. Further, economic uncertainty has hit many international countries harder than in the United States and many do these foreign individuals have been flocking to the New York City market and snapping up property which has put upward pressure on rental prices. This foreign investor interest is now drying up and this is harming the demand for New York City rental units.

If you are a landlord in New York City apartments for rent and you are looking to rent your apartment you will need a strong real estate agent like Town Residential Real Estate who are experts in finding you the right tenants and in helping you to understand the realities of the market and therefore rent your unit as quickly as possible for the best price you can get. While you don’t want to provide a renter with a bargain apartment few things are as financially damaging to a landlord as having the wrong tenant in an apartment or in leaving your rental unit vacant. A quality real estate agent like Town Residential will help you to avoid those possibilities and set you up, even in an increasingly challenging market. With the potential for a rent price decrease in the future, time is of the essence. Contact Town Residential Real estate today to talk to their representatives.

Slyce Launches New “Slyce Link”

Based on a recent article posted on Merketwired.com, Slyce has doubled its existing contract with its Fortune 500 partner after launching a new product called “Slyce Link”. Even though it is still in Beta testing, Slyce Link has been successfully integrated in to the product pages of several different retail websites including JCPenney, Tilly’s, Neiman Marcus and Home Depot. The company is already well known because of its image recognition software but this newly completed product will allow retailers to show their customers items that are visually similar to the one they were searching for. This could be used if a specific product is out of stock, to increase sales by offering several similar items or to limit the amount of online shopping carts that get abandoned by consumers.

It is estimated that the abandonment of online shopping carts is above 70% and it only increases around major holidays, most of all Christmas. Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein believes that by having the Slyce Link service added to a retailer’s website will be able to lower card abandonment down to 40% or less. With Slyce Link’s ability to offer customers products that are visually similar to an item a customer has shown interest in there is more of a chance that something will be bought. For example, instead of removing a listing of an item that is out of stock or isn’t made anymore, there will be other similar options available to the consumer. This will increase the odds that they will buy something, even if it is not exacting the product they were looking for. Slyce Link will also contact users who have abandoned a cart and show them other items they may want to buy.

This advancement in image recognition is just one of the many technological advancements Slyce has been able to create. The Toronto, ON based company has been working heavily in the field over the past decade, focusing on using their image recognition software for retail purposes. Consumers can use Slyce to find out where to buy a specific item just by taking a picture of the product they want to search for. They will then have the option to buy the item from an online source, or sources depending on how many places have the item for sale. The basic application is free to download on several smartphone devices and earns money through purchase transactions, data analytics and integration, program promotions and software licensing.