Beneful Helps Maintain Weight and Freshen Breath

It can become quite hard to keep the extra pounds off your dog as they get older and play less. Luckily, Nestle PurinaStore Petcare Beneful offers a dry dog food to help your pooch slim down and keep the extra weight off.
Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food is made with real chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans. Your dog will still get all the nutrients he needs daily while consuming less calories. Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food is available for purchase on Amazon in many different sizes ranging from a 3.5 pound bag up to a 44 pound bag.

If you like to treat your pup to a little wet food ( every once in a while, then look no further than Beneful IncrediBites. These IncrediBites are the perfect bite-sized pieces of meat for a smaller dog to easily enjoy. They are full of protein and come in a few different flavors to pick from. IncrediBites are packed with protein and come in your choice of beef, chicken, or salmon. All flavors of IncrediBites come include tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice.

For the dog who needs a little help with cleaning his teeth, Beneful offers Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. Your dog won’t know how much good he is doing his teeth while chomping on these flavorful treats. The treats are available for small, medium, and large dogs. They help clean a dog’s teeth by reducing the plaque and tartar buildup. Bonus for you and your pup, Healthy Smile Dental Ridges freshen your pup’s breath too.



The Reliability and credibility of White Shark Media 

White Shark Media is a search marketing company that was founded in 2010. It mostly offers its services to small businesses, and it has offices located in the USA, Denmark and Central America. White Shark Media provides services on Bing Ads management and AdWords to its clients. The agency on Facebook works step by step with the customer from the setup of the AdWorks campaign all through to attainment of objectives and even then. It offers reviews each month to determine how much has been achieved and the performance of the campaigns. 

White Shark Media provides full-time support to their clients 24 hours 7 days a week. There are an app store and theme store for the company. Web designers, web developers, set up experts, product photographers and marketing experts from the company are available to provide help and assistance to clients where necessary. White Shark Media Reviews specializes in e-commerce where their customers can get income. Currently, the Chief Executive Officer is Gary Garth, who is majorly assisted in running and managing operations by Andrew Lolk the
Chief Medical Officer and Tony Soares the Director of SEO and web.

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The company has approximately 144 full-time employees who work hard to ensure reliability and productivity. Services offered by White Shark Media Review are provided at midlevel reasonable prices that average marketers can afford. The major clients the agency has are Platinum Pro Painters Canada, A Star Movers Texas and I Marine Inc., however, the agency has many other customers and welcomes new clients any time as it is ready to serve and help. White Shark Media generates revenue of approximately 3 million dollars to 5 million dollars.

Furthermore, White Shark Media Complaints is dedicated to ensuring clients are fully satisfied with their services. It has a system where customers can give reviews, make comments and contact the company when in need of help or have any query. The company also went through a process where it used the complaints made by its claims to make changes and improve their services. This process has contributed a great deal not only to the growth of the agency on a particular level but also to the development of services. Better communication channels have been established, more efficient methods of tracking the performance of accounts are now provided, and more experienced teams for oversight of campaigns and performance assist clients. The reviews from customers of the White Shark Media show proof of the company’s reliability and dependency.

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Hungry Venezuelan Soldiers Arrested for Stealing Goats

With food shortages in Venezuela reaching crisis levels, people across the country are struggling to find food, and the military is not an exception. According to the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional, on May 1st, six soldiers were detained by officials in Lara after authorities investigated an unmarked van, which was found to be carrying dead animals. The soldiers confessed to stealing the goats from a local farm, but defended themselves, saying that there was no food at their army base, Fort Manaure.
Locals like Danilo Diaz Granados have said that this is not the first time soldiers have stolen goats in the area. Jaime de Dios Verde Lameda,the owner of the stolen livestock and the only one to witness the theft, made a formal statement to police, saying, “Instead of protecting us, they have come to kill our animals.” He describes what he witnessed but did say he did not approach the soldiers as he was afraid they might shoot him.

This crime is just one in a long string of criminal activity related to the food shortage that is plaguing Venezuela. Recently, riots have broken out at across the country, and there have been numerous reports are are posted very often on MySpace of looting at grocery stores, shopping malls, and drug stores.


Shaquille O’neal has Building Aspirations in Atlantic City

Shaquille O’Neal is considering an interesting new business venture in Atlantic City. The questions is will he be able to do it? With his high net worth it’s definitely within his reach to get a high line of credit. Shaq has been known to frequent Atlantic City, and he enjoys the nightlife and recreation there. However, his current plans are extremely ambitious even for the former NBA star. Shack wants to build an apartment complex that will cost a total of $61 million. His partner in this business endeavor is none other than Wasseem Boraie an experienced developer from a family of developers. They intend to build their apartments on the site of the former Revel Casino.

So far Shaq and Waseem have met with a bit of resistance from other concerned parties. The Casino Redevelopment Authority for the area has not totally relinquished their rights to the land Shaq wants to build on and this is an obstacle. Back in 2013, the RDA decided to extend Shaq and Wasseem a loan of $30 million but development did not proceed at the time and since then other factors have entered into their consideration such as the failure of the Trump Taj Mahal in the area. The failure of the Trump development may have shaken their confidence that Shaq’s own ambitious apartments could be successful in the same area. Team Shaq is still optimistic. Wasseem Boraie says they are ready to proceed at any time because they have secured outside financing for their project that will supplement their existing loan. He hopes that things will proceed in a timely manner.

Waseem is a man who believes in having many projects going on at once within the Atlantic City area. He feels that the excitement generated from multiple new developments could lead to a renaissance within the city. Overall, the city has 10 new projects going on at this time and Boraie’s own development company is building a 168 unit high rise on Rector Street.

Boraie has counseled the city that hanging its hopes on one major project at a time is not the best way to bring about an economic boom. They seem to be listening to him and he is praising their new cooperative attitude. Even though the new developments are privately funded its necessary for private interests and city government to cooperate with each other to make each project succeed. We look forward to seeing Shaq and Waseem Baraie’s apartment complex’s development in the near future.

Review of Fig Version of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

I recently came across this article, and I thought it was a really insightful article because I always wanted to try out products.
What is WEN Cleansing Conditioner By Chaz?

Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles stylist who often sells his products on QVC has Hollywood level clientele, has come up with a revolutionary formula that will rejuvenate your hair and have the hair that you’ve always dreamed of. WEN Cleansing Conditioner By Chaz is a “5-in-1 formula.” The Cleansing Conditioner contains these 5 things according to a review.

1) Shampoo
2) Conditioner
3) Deep Conditioner
4) Detangler
5) Leave-in Conditioner

These 5 things will help keep your hair clean without the negative damages to your hair. A revolutionary formula made from Glycerin, Chamomile Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract, and Panthenol, Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner will give you a moisturized hair that will give you the shine that you have always wanted.

Emily’s Experience

Emily McClure, a Fashion and Beauty writer for the website Bustle, recently wrote an article with her experience with WEN Cleansing Conditioner. As someone with long hair, she was looking for a hair product that will cater her need, so she decided to try a WEN By Chaz product. She chose the Fig version, and she was happy with the results.

Just as advertised, she said that her hair absolutely felt amazing! She stated that her hair had a bounce to it and had a shine that just was not there before using WEN Cleansing Conditioner. Also, she expressed that her hair was very soft after applying the product.

Closing Thoughts

As someone that’s looking for a product that can rejuvenate my hair, WEN By Chaz seems to have the perfect product for me. I was able to find the products here, so check them out on!

Fabulous Swimwear and Summer Wear Now Offered At Fabletics

Kate Hudson is a famous actress and the founder of a clothing line called Fabletics according to their Twitter page. Her clothing line makes easy to afford breathable clothing for yoga and athletic activities. The fabrics are breathable and comfortable and also quite soft. For some time Fabletics has offered an online subscription service to customers to get the best athletic wear at the most affordable rates.

As reported by Elite Daily, Ms. Hudson is now branching her brand out into the swimwear sector. Fabletics will commence offering fashionable swimsuits and swimwear for ladies of a wide variety of sizes. These pieces will be offered through the subscription service, and those who are not already members are free to go and check out the new suits on the Fabletics website.

Hudson is also pleased to announce that there will also be a whole new line of dresses available as well. She stated in an interview that summer is one of her favorite times of year and dressing pretty and being cool are a great way to enjoy the season. She workde tirelessly with the team of designers to assure that each dress and swimsuit would be comfortable to wear and compliment many body shapes.

Each swimsuit that is included in the new line is made from entirely recycled fabrics. Each suit also boasts that it includes UV protection. This makes the swimwear perfect for looking great and saving the planet.

Fabletics was founded in 2013. Their primary purpose was to offer great looking athletic wear at a fraction of the cost of the bigger brands. The fact that they are offered entirely online makes it an easy choice for busy women who simply cannot get into the retail stores to purchase their clothing needs.

Fabletics does not just offer outer wear either. They also have a full line of bras and underwear for the discriminating shopper. Each piece of apparel is made and fashioned with care and attention to the details, making it long lasting and durable for whatever activity the user performs –

Swimwear, apparel, and accessories all in one convenient to find place. Fabletics offers the best of shopping with the ease of the internet at a price that almost everyone can afford.

George Soros Warns About Dangers Ahead For The Union

George Soros achieved Billionaire status because he knows a thing or two about finances. Consequently, George Soros’ warnings about the imminent collapse of the European Union should be taken seriously. In a recent article that appeared on CNBC, George Soros had plenty to say about the predicted collapse of the European Union. Clearly, the European Union requires more funding to handle the refugees looking for asylum in Europe. He warns that the European Union should stop scraping together a few meager funds to handle the influx of refugees. Instead, the EU should provide adequate funding on at the beginning to handle any unforeseen crisis down the road.

About George Soros
George Soros is a self-made billionaire known for sharing his financial advice with the world in very candid interviews. When he speaks, people tend to listen, because the billionaire has vast knowledge on the subject of money, finances, and investing. George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary. However, young Soros has to flee his home country because of a Nazi invasion on during the 1940s. Eventually, Soros landed in England, where he studied at the London School of Economics. Soros moved to New York during the 1950s and took a job working on Wall Street. Later on, George Soros set up his own hedge fund and became one of the wealthiest people in the world.

George Soros is certainly a self-made billionaire that has achieved amazing success. He is also well-known for his philanthropic practice. He is the founder of the Open Society Foundation. The Foundation was established back in 1984. The foundation is actively involved with providing advancement to a number of causes that affect the condition of the world in general. They range from justice, education, public health, business development and more. George Soros is credited with helping numerous causes across the world that benefit society and humanity in general.

Devco Makes Sure That New Jersey Is Developed Well

The development of New Jersey has been placed in the very capable hands of Devco and companies like it to make sure every new project is built in the right way. Devco has been managing public money for development projects, and they have given loans to the government to help with development. They are focused on areas like New Brunswick, and the Press Of Atlantic City reported how Devco is moving on new projects in the future.

The new projects for New Brunswick include hotels and conference centers that will bring tourists to the area. New Jersey depends a lot on tourism, and they cannot host anyone without the best hotels and conference centers to come to. Devco knows that they need to help build as many of these projects as they can, and they need to make sure that they have money available for future loans.

Devco has decided that it can manage money for the projects better than anyone, and they make sure that they streamline everything to make every dollar go as far it can. They make better buildings with this money, and they make better lives for the people in cities like New Brunswick.

DEVCO has a few more hotel projects in the pipeline that they believe will help build up areas of New Jersey that are not very savory right now. They are trying to build up communities in a new image. A community that gets a new hotel will also have enough commerce for the people in the area to get more jobs, and they will continue to do these projects to see if they can get as many going as possible. They know how many jobs they can create in the future, and they know that they can help large communities grow with the help of just one or two of these projects.



CCMP Capital and it’s Legend, Steve Murray

The private equity investment group, CCMP Capital, who continues to garner success, was formerly known as a JP Morgan partner that departed in July 31, 2006 from its parent organization JP Morgan Chase. This firm primarily leverages growth capital and buyouts with an impressive track record over its relatively young, 10 year history. Though its foundations go back to JP Morgan Chase as far back as ’89, it has been on its own for a relatively short time.

The agency is known for having invested what’s estimated to be roughly $12 billion since it began and was ranked at number 17 worldwide for the size of its private equity funds managed. You can certainly say this firm is a big player in the financial industry and the entire world of investing. With offices located in London, Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital employs nearly 50 persons with Greg Brenneman positioned as standing chairman of the organization. The varying locations today operate as separate private equity funds categorized as American, European and Asian markets.

This is regardless of the fact that CCMP oversees CCMP Capital Investors II and the JP Morgan Partners Global Fund in whole. Chemical and Chase and JP Morgan Partners–its full name without acronym–had raised $3.4 billion in 2007 to secure what is now one of its most recent funds it manages. By 2008, it had sold Medpace for roughly $900 million which is a pharmaceutical research group that is currently in full ownership of the Cinven organization.

Prominent persons involved with the firm consist notably of one man, and his name is Stephen Murray CCMP Capital who had worked alongside the organization since 1989 during its previous years and afterward when it officially parted ways with JP Morgan Chase. Murray was fortunate enough to hold positions with the firm that entailed Chief Executive and President respectively.

Recent news on Wall Street Journal of Stepen Murray CCMP Capital surrounds his death which came at the age of 52 during the month of March, 2016. Steve P. Murray had left the firm a month prior to his passing away due to health complications. He had served many positions on board staff and as board member for groups that include Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, LHP Hospital Group, Crestcom International, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Infogroup Inc.

George Soros Suggests a Detailed Plan to Deal with Refugee Challenges

According to Soros, lack of an effective asylum policy leads to an escalation in the number of refugees to unmanageable levels that can even cause a political crisis. The European Union should accept its role in propelling this crisis and find ways to manage it. The member states have turned their back on the refugee crisis and focused on their selfish interests.
Response to crisis

According to the Marketwatch article by George Soros, the European Union should design a comprehensive plan that will be used to handle the refugee crisis. The plan should streamline the process of resettling the refuges in an orderly manner. The plan should handle even the asylum seekers who are beyond the borders of Europe. The plan also published on must reflect the ability of Europe to absorb refugees.

Features of a comprehensive plan

EU should accept a million refugees yearly. The cost of financing this venture should be shared among the member states. Every refugee should get $16,800 for two years to cover education, housing, and health-care cost.

EU should be the leader in funding Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan to take care of four million refugees residing in the countries. The Union should encourage member states to participate actively in the funding process.

EU must establish a migration agency as well as a refugee camp. It must put in place a strong Border Guard. The current refugee system is expensive and inefficient. The EU must establish safe channels to transfer refugees from Italy and Greece. Safe avenues should be put in place to reduce the number of refugees using the dangerous Mediterranean route.

The EU should use clear and precise operational and financial plans to set up global standards for treating both migrants and refugees. Additionally, the EU must seek support from NGOs, businesses, and Church groups to sponsor the integration of over a million migrant and asylum seekers. The funding should be used to set up IT department to handle the refugees and the sponsors. This article was originally published on Marketwatch;

About George Soros

Early Life and Education

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary on August 12, 1930. His parents were Elizabeth and Tivadar. He is a survivor of Budapest battle that took place in 1945. In 1947, He relocated to England to live with his uncle and advance his education. The London School of Economics admitted him as a student of philosophy immediately he landed in England. George Soros was able to balance his studies and still work as a railway porter as well as a waiter. He graduated from the college with both bachelor’s and master’s degree in Philosophy in 1951 and 1954 respectively.

He established Open Society Foundations. Towards the end of April 2014, his net worth was estimated to be $26.5 Billion. His started his career at humbly by serving as a trader and an analyst for companies such as Wertheim & Co and F.M Mayer. He has launched successful businesses that have an amazing global presence. He is an active philanthropist who funds community-based organization and champion human rights through a network of foundations called Open Society.